Student Meals

Meals: Lunch and dinner break must be kept to only thirty (30) minutes in order to keep the tournament on time. We recommend you pre-purchase your meals or bring your own as there will not be time available to go out between rounds. Meals may be paid for during registration or added up until October 30th at noon MST.

Thursday Dinner

Option 1: Chicken Sandwich
Option 2: 8 ct Nuggets
Option 3: Market Salad

Friday Lunch

Option 1: Black Forest Ham
Option 2: Cold Cut Combo
Option 3: Turkey Breast

Friday Dinner

Option 1: Chicken Burrito
Option 2: Barbacoa Burrito
Option 3: Guacamole Burrito

Saturday Lunch

Option 1: Chicken Bake
Option 2: Cheese Pizza
Option 3: Pepperoni Pizza