Parliamentary (Parli) Debate

There will be 4 preliminary rounds with 2 outrounds.

Parli Prep Room will be A101 on Thursday and Friday. Prep Room will be A104 on Saturday. Topics will be announced at the beginning of the round time. The announcement will not be delayed if both members of a team are not present. The member that is present will make all "strike" decisions. If no member from a team is present, the opposing team for that round will have sole discretion to choose the Resolution.

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of Parliamentary debate is to instill in Christian home school students the skills of presentation, critical thinking, reasoning, and analysis of various issues. That endeavor is accomplished in an environment of honorable competition that cultivates maturity, wisdom, grace, poise, and brings glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Timing: Please be prepared to self time debates.

Please Review:

Parliamentary Debate Rules